# Frequently Asked Questions

# How do I add a new client?

You can add a new client by clicking on Clients > New Client on the left sidebar.

# How do I add a new client file?

You can add a new client file by clicking on Clients > All Clients on the left sidebar and then select the client you want to create a file for. Click their name and scroll down their profile to Client Files section. Click ** Add New File ** Button. Fill in the file details and click the submit button.

# How do I select a client file for auditing?

Click the change-file button and select the client by clicking the name to view the client profile. Under the profile, you will get the list of client files. Click select-file button to select the file. After that, click on Dashboard Menu on sidebar menu to proceed with the auditing process.

# How do I upload a trial balance?

Download the CSV template from the Trial Balance and Adjustment - Trial Balance section and prepare your data in the correct format before uploading it. You can read more about this in Trial Balance and Adjustment section.

# How do I upload an attachment?

Each client file has a separate folder for its attachments. Click Attachments and then All attachments menu on the sidebar menu to view the list of uploaded attachments. To upload a new one, click the plus icon at the right bottom corner. upload-icon From the popup window, select the files or drag-n-drop the files to upload them automatically.

# How do I roll over an attachment?


You cannot roll over an attachment if the client has no recent file than the current file selected. You need to create a new file to roll over to.

Under the list of all attachments, click the roll over button to roll over the attachment.

# How do I select an attachment inside the Working Papers

  1. Click the SHOW FORM label to display a dropdown selection.
  2. Select the file you need to attach.
  3. Close the dropdown using HIDE FORM label again.

select 1 select2

# How do I unselect an attachment inside Working Papers

  1. Click the SHOW FORM label to display a dropdown selection. The already selected files will be hightligted.
  2. Click the x button next to the attachment name you want to unselect.
  3. Close the dropdown using HIDE FORM label again. unselect_file

# How do I view my subscription status

You can view the subscription by visiting the Billing Area section and click Subscriptions.

# How do upgrade my subscription package

Write an email to auditsoftware@icpak.com and we shall send you the upgrade invoice, which is the difference between your current subscription package and the one you opt to subscribe to. The subscription period will be pro-rated.

# What will happen with my account when my subscription expires

You will be able to access all your data, except that you won't be able to add a new client or a client file.

Last Modified: 3/10/2020, 12:32:18 PM