# File Management

Under the client profile, is a section for managing the client’s files. You can do perform the following actions.

file section

# Adding a New File

This option allows you to view a form to register a new file. Fill all the required details and submit the form.

# Selecting File

When you login to the Audit system, you will be redirected to this page. This is the button to click to select file for auditing. After selecting the file, click Dashboard to start the audit process.

# Updating File

To update the file details, simply click Edit File link.


You can no longer delete or update the file details when the file has been archived.

# Deleting File

When you register a wrong file to the client, you can submit a request for deletion to the Partner. The partner will then decide to confirm or reject the file.

# Archiving File

When the auditing process is over, the file is archived to prevent any future amendments on the file. This is a very important section to prevent users from manipulating information in the future.

Last Modified: 7/9/2019, 10:45:48 AM