# Attachments

This section is located on the sidebar menu. It allows you to manage attachments for currently selected file.


If you are planning not not attach the uploaded documents in any of your working papers, use the Scanned Documents section


# Uploading an attachment

You can upload a file attachment using the plus icon upload-icon

# Marking a file as a permanent file

A permanent file is an attachment file that is automatically availed to subsequent client files. For example, MoU is a permanent file since it is valid for subsequent audits. When you create a new client file, the permanent files from the previous client file are rolled over to the current file.

To mark an attachment as a permanent file, click the refresh icon to update the status.


# Renaming a file

Once you have uploaded a file, you can rename it using the edit icon


# Deleting an attachment

Once the audit process is completed, you can delete any unused files by clicking the trash icon. delete-attachment

# Rolling Forward an attachment

This option enables you to roll over the attachments to the next file for that client. For example, there is a PDF file that is applicable for a client file in this current financial period. When the period elapses and you create a new file for auditing, this option helps you to copy the old attachment into the current file’s attachment, instead of manually uploading the attachment again.


When you mark an attachment file (let's say for 2018 file) before creating a new file (for 2019), the system will automatically roll forward the attachments marked as permanent for you.


If you create a new file (for 2019) before marking an attachment (for 2018) as permanent, the system will NOT be able to roll forward for you. Instead, select the file (2018 file) containing the attachments you want to roll forward from and click the 'roll-forward' icon to roll forward the attachment from 2018 file to 2019 file.

Here is a quick demo on rolling forward an attachment


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